Offer to Trustees

  • Improve the average retirement balance and lifestyles of your members by 35+%
  • Introduce a more efficient well-designed next generation superannuation default
  • Reduce members risk of investment loss (sequencing risk) as retirement approaches
  • Act in members’ best interests in setting investment strategy and options
  • Beat the Outcomes Test with an audit-able framework
  • Prove the fund’s raison détre via its demographics – a merger defence
  • Retain members and improve members trust in their trustee
  • Attract members by offering a differentiated product and meet successor fund provisions
  • Close the future national retirement funding gap and be an industry leader
  • Improve the efficiency of converting contributions into retirement balances by 1% per year, grow FUM faster and share the benefits with members and the trustee

TSS offers trustees a sub license to use TTS systems and procedures in exchange for a percentage of the improved outcome.

TTS provides 1% extra average real return per year. The industry currently charges an all up average fee of circa 0.30% of funds under management for each 1% in real return achieved.

TTS provides ‘more bang for your buck’. The 1% extra real per year is a 35%+ increase in average retirement balances.

The TTS system is run annually, is audited and can be the funds Outcomes Test Framework.