TTS Lifecycle

  • Set Lifestyle Retirement Bands (LRBs) for the MySuper fund
  • Set glide paths for each LRB
  • Calculate projected retirement balance per MySuper member
  • Allocate members to their LRB
  • Place members in their LRB and on that LRB glide path for their age
  • Switch member investment option
  • Recalibrate each year for changed member circumstances e.g. job loss, maternity leave, voluntary contributions

TTS LRB Individual Glide Paths

Glide Paths depict the sample investment ‘Path’ for each MySuper member over the accumulation phase. Young members are invested in high growth assets. Each year their retirement balance is recalculated, their LRB may change (promotion etc.), as they are a year older risk may be reduced, due to both of these elements their investment option may automatically be switched.

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